Exploring the World of Movement

At our kids’ classes, we aim to introduce students to the fundamental dance steps and techniques. Children from all over the Greater Toronto Area will have the opportunity to practice various foot and hand movements in Persian or Azerbaijani style dance.

Our young dancers will learn how to move their bodies to the rhythm and concepts of music. We incorporate play and other techniques to teach them how to perform in groups with their peers, and even create simple choreographies of their own.

Our goal is to provide a fun and engaging environment for children to learn and grow in their love of dance. We look forward to sharing our passion with your little ones!

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Group Kids Dance Classes at Clue Academy (Richmond Hill)

Hip hop & Persian Dance (Age 4 to 8)

Mondays 5:30 pm to 6:15 pm

April 22 to June 03

no class on May 20

Persian & Azeri Dance (Age 8 to 12)

Saturdays 12:30 pm to 1:10 pm



6 sessions

– If you register for the full course but want to leave us for any reason up to 24 hours after the first session, you can get a full refund.

– If we do not meet the minimum registration capacity for each class, we will reschedule the class’s start date. We also offer to refund the full amount or keep the amount you paid as a credit for your next class registration.
– All session times are in the Toronto time zone (Eastern Standard/Daylight Time) and prices are in Canadian dollars.

Private Kids Dance Classes

Our Studio Classes
Persian or Azerbaijani Dance
($50 per half an hour)

Your Place Classes
Persian or Azerbaijani Dance
($80 per 45 min, The prices can vary depending on your location)

Online Classes for Kids
($30 per half an hour)

– We can come to your place in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, and North York. If you live in other areas, please contact us. 
– These rates are for individual students; 25% additional fees apply if the second person joins.

None of the above works for you?

Let us know and we'll try our best to accommodate in the next semester.


Toronto Kids Dance Classes: Education and Fun

As a parent you always want to provide your kids with a space to grow and help them to bring out their talents and abilities. Although all children are born with movement concepts instinctively, a coach or aware parents can channel their abilities towards an appropriate path.


We believe the path to learn dance, this artistic and cultural activity, should be fun and joyful.

Also, we all know that dancing is a way to pass our culture on to the next generation. If you want your children to participate in the family gatherings more actively and relate with your favorite Persian or Azeri songs, they need to learn how to dance.

The inter-generational gap, especially for immigrants is real. We’re here to help you feel this gap.

Here are some benefits of dance classes for kids:

  • Build up team working

The ability to work with a team is a skill that can serve the kids in their adulthood. In our classes, your kids make new friends and learn to work with them on various activities.

  • Feel the excitement of performing alone

We ask our students to send their practices. For this they need to dance in front of their family and friends. We also organize occasional events for families and friends and ask our passionate, skillful, and confident young dancers to perform on stage. From there, opportunities are endless.

  • Improve self-confidence

Mastering a new skill by itself can improve kids’ self-confidence. Plus, when you start dancing you put aside fears, shyness, and anxieties. With dance you find the courage to express yourself and that’s what not only kids but also adults need.

  • Learn to enjoy what they do

Unlike adults, kids can’t think of the benefits of what they are doing. In fact, kids keep doing something as long as it’s cheerful so when kids keep coming to a dance class that means they enjoy it and this passion is due to the fun atmosphere we create in our classes.

  • Provide an opportunity to exercise

Children have a lot of energy that they need to release. While not-structured playing is a good way for them to release it, attending a dance class can also be helpful as they will learn structured movements.

  • Boost creativity

Once our student has learned to perform a few choreographies, it’s time for them to combine different movements to build up a new dance. This can boost creativity in kids because they try to create something new out of what they have access to.

  • Improves socialization

Especially after the Coronavirus outbreak, kids were locked up at home. Attending a dance class lets them be more social and keep in touch with their friends.

There is a distinct difference between a Movement and Dance. While Movement is the physical motion between two points in space, dance is made up of sequences of rhythmic steps. In fact, when someone is dancing, they merge both mental and physical skills and add their personal style to it. This is a key development for your kids.

Unlike adults who don’t like to repeat things, kids like repetition because every time they do it, they find something new in it and that makes them feel satisfied.

Choreography helps kids to memorize and learn different movements in performance and due to the harmony kids need to have with the group, they will learn coordination. That’s why choreography is critical for kids who are learning dance. By choreography, they can repeat a dance over and over and by this, they learn the dance.



Our students wear clothes that are comfortable and similar to one another. Girls’ skirt are designed to express their femininity especially during their spins. 

Seeing everyone wear the same dress motivates them to perform as a team and since the costumes are decorated, kids love to wear them.


We believe that the class environment should be cheerful and comfortable for the children, as well as provide a space for them to express themselves. One of the most influential factors in creating this environment is the music we play during the class.  The 6*8 form is one of the most energetic types of Persian music, and it fits well with our culture. However, when kids go to the next levels, some lighter (classic) music will be played.

A lot of Iranian songs include local or foreign music. This makes it necessary to use parts of other countries or local dances to choreograph a dance with the song.

These classes are usually joined by girls and boys over 5 years old. 

Their parents register them in our kids’ dance classes with different goals, including but not limited to: 

  • Do a physical activity; Since kids need to repeat some movements in this class, it’s a good opportunity for those who play with mobile and tablets or watch TV for long hours. 
  • Lose weight; Not being active may lead to some problems like getting fat and more serious health issue. Therefore, the ones who want to lose weight can use this class.
  • Have fun; The environment of our classes can help those who feel depressed or think they need to work on their mental health. Remember that just like adults, young children can have mental health concerns which can be improved by dancing.
  • Learn the cultural activity; your young children will learn to dance at parties, social gatherings or even festivals

In kids dance courses children will be taught some specific movements
according to the dance style they want. For example, someone who wants
to learn Persian dance needs to know how to move their wrist, head, and

We start with the basic; your kids will be taught about how the feet move to the left and right or back and forth. In addition, they will be taught about the forms that their hands can take and the directions in which the body and hand can move. Children will learn simple movement concepts during the first level. We play happy songs because the kids dance course needs to be energetic for kids or they won’t follow the steps to learn the dance. We also take into account the fact that kids can’t stand long courses so we hold our sessions in a shorter time frame. (An adult course session lasts an hour) 

One part of the kids dance class is all about basic Ballet dance movements because by practicing these movements kids will learn how to stand up straight, open up their shoulders, move their hips and etc. Furthermore, kids’ bodies will be formed correctly by learning Ballet dance movements. Also, Kids perform dances with teachers in the class, and we’ve got some reasons for that:

  • Performing movements and finally the dance may not be easy for all kids but it gets easier over time by repeating. In our classes, students watch the teachers and imitate what they do. Noteworthy that people including kids are unique with different abilities and passions, so we have different performance expectation from each individual. 
  • Kids watch, learn and act like adults, meaning they take in what they see instead of what adults tell them. So good teachers who perform movements properly play a big role in kids dance classes.

Children learn best through play, and when they are forced to do something that is not enjoyable, they lose interest and the quality of their performance diminishes. That’s the reason we try to put a time for dancing freely with no structure. This will allow the children to gradually learn the movements they were taught and get ready to perform in different occasions outside the studio. Once they realize how to interact with their bodies they will learn how to move their hands and feet according to the beat, rhythm and technique of the music. 

In our kids dance class we play some simple games to help our students develop their imagination. For example, we ask them to pretend to be butterflies that are flying. Through these games kids learn new things as well as discover what their bodies are capable of. Having teachers narrate a story and children play different roles can encourage them to interact with their bodies.

Once a student passes these levels, they are ready to proceed to the next level, where harder choreographies must be performed. Kids who show more enthusiasm and perform the movements flawlessly, will be trained to perform on stage. Performing precisely with fewer or no mistakes is an important goal at that stage. Children are then expected to be disciplined and to follow a set of rules. This discipline makes them ready to participate in society.

Another topic on which we focus in class is musical sentences. In fact, kids will be taught how to choose a song based on the sentences. 

Finally, we have two teachers who teach and correct kids movements. Classes are held once a week and during the period between two sessions kids have time to practice and send us their practices because they have to get corrected. Besides, they can always ask their questions to resolve any ambiguity.