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Our Azerbaijani Dance courses prioritize proper foot and hand techniques, posture, and body strength to improve your skills and performance. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to master the basics or an experienced dancer looking to learn complex choreography for a public audience, we have classes to suit your needs.

While group dance classes in Toronto are a great way to make new friends and have fun with others, we also offer private classes tailored to your schedule and individual learning goals. Our private classes provide a personalized learning experience and can help you progress faster towards your dance goals.

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Group Azerbaijani Dance Classes

Azerbaijani Dance

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Lezginka & Dance

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Azerbaijani Dance

Beginner Levels


8:30 pm to 9:30 pm

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Azerbaijani Dance

All Levels


7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Nov 08 to Dec 13


6 sessions


6 sessions

Online or In-Studio

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– If you register for the full course but want to leave us for any reason up to 24 hours after the first session, you can get a full refund.

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– All session times are in the Toronto time zone (Eastern Standard/Daylight Time) and prices are in Canadian dollars.

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Private Azerbaijani Dance Classes

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Azerbaijani Dance Classes

azerbaijani dance in toronto

We live in an age where people are facing a lot of problems due to modern lifestyle, with such problems learning a new skill along with other activities can improve our lives and help us solve our problems. Dancing is one of the most effective skills that can serve both your body and spirit, so what is better than
However, as you know, there is a wide range of dances taken from different cultures, if you are keen to dance and specifically, Azeri (or what some call Turkish) Dances, read the entire sections below because this is for you.

In our class, we teach dances that come from Turkish-speaking countries, which are known as Turkic dances. Turkic dance is one of the most energetic, powerful, and meaningful dances. This dance or it’s better to say dances have distinctive features; including the type of clothing (hats, clothes, boots, accessories such as knives), varied movements, rhythmic and musical movements that make Azerbaijani dances stand out.
On the other hand, Azerbaijani dances include many sub-categories including men’s dance, women’s dance, and dances performed jointly between men and women. Furthermore, there are music classifications such as 6*8, 2*4, 3*4 and so on that make Turkic dance amazing.

Azeri Dances are not limited to what we see at parties, as a matter of fact, this dance includes several types, each of which has its own subset. Some Azeri dances are still popular while some others have been forgotten, except in certain areas. In addition, some have been combined with other types of dances, creating a new kind of dance Here are some Azeri dances:

· Heroically

ü Kurughlu

Drum and Sorna music have turned this dance into an epic dance that is performed at high speed. This is performed heroically, starts with slow movements, and finally reaches the peak of speed and excitement. This dance is still common in ancient sports.

· Storytelling

ü Qitqilda

azerbaijani dance in toronto
This type of dance is actually an opera show in which women describe their daily lives with a sense of humor in which roles such as bride, mother-in-law and etcetera are very evident over the dance. In this dance, slow and fast movements along with eye and eyebrow movements are clearly seen. Qitqilda dance is popular in Baku.

ü Sari Gelin

azerbaijani dance in toronto
Sari Gelin literally means blonde bride. It is said that this dance and its music was 1500 years ago. The slow and sad rhythm of the dance stems from a myth in which a blond bride, a Slavic girl, was kidnapped during the war by an Ottoman commander, and the song was written to describe the blond bride.

· Couple Dance

ü Uzundara

azerbaijani dance in toronto

Mostly at the end of the wedding ceremony, women of the family of the groom play Qarmon and Qawal, this dance is performed by the bride. Of course, nowadays Uzundara Dance can be taken like a couple dance. This dance is very attractive and delicate with a calm and pleasant melody.

ü Naz Elama

azerbaijani dance in toronto
Don’t be capricious, that is the meaning of the phrase “Naz Elama”. A man and woman (couple) perform this dance. Delicate foot movement and facial expression play significant roles in Naz Elama dance.

· Ritual Dances

ü Asma Kasmeh

azerbaijani dance in toronto
Asma Kasmeh dance is performed in weddings where the bride goes to the groom’s house with the sound of “Asma Kasmeh” music in which other women dance with the bride in front of her. The pace of this dance is slow and performed in a jumping style.

ü Cehribeyim

azerbaijani dance in toronto
The meaning of Cehribeyim is wool spinning but when it comes to dancing, this word refers to a group of women who perform this dance in two rows. The special feature of the Cehribeyim dance is the sound of dancers at the end of each song. At the wedding, the bride, groom, and the bridesmaids participate in the dance.

ü Semeni

azerbaijani dance in toronto
The meaning of semen is spring, in fact, Semeni dance is performed when people want to celebrate the coming of the spring which is done by a group of women singing at the Haftsin table. Actually, in the region of Azerbaijan, the ban on Nowruz in the time of the Soviet Union gave rise to changing its name, and back then people used to call it Semeni.

ü Yali Dance

Even though there are different types of Yali dance throughout the Caucasus, the main form starts with a light foot movement, and as time passes it gets faster until it seems like the dancer is running. Yali Dance used to be performed around the fire because the fire was the goddess of warmth and blessing.

· Party Dances

ü Ghaytgi

azerbaijani dance in toronto

Many twirls, standing on tiptoe like ballet dancing, keeping one arm open while the other arm is closed, smooth body movement without moving shoulders, these all together shape one of the most famous Azeri Dances called Ghaytgi. Also, there are various arrangements in Ghaytgi Dance that make it popular and common among people who like Azeri Dances.

ü Shalakho (Shalaxo)

azerbaijani dance in toronto
Skills, techniques, and agility of dancers from Shalakho dance. This dance has fast and specific movements of hands, feet, and body. Furthermore, mimics and the dancer’s feeling during performing Shalakho dance is very important. This dance can be performed with one, two, or more dancers. In a version that
is popular, two men dance to impress a woman.

According to age and marital status, female clothes can be different. Nowadays only people who live in rural wear their traditional clothes, while before 20th-century Azerbaijani nations used to wear it, in the following we bring some of them:

· Women
Arkhaluk or Arkhalig is one of Azerbaijani traditional clothes with a tight waist made up of different types of fabric. In addition, wide-sleeved shirts, Bell-shaped shirts, and so on are what women used to wear in Azerbaijan (Or even today in rural)

· Men

Woolen loose trousers, these pants are wide so that men can ride a horse. Usually, men cover their heads with different kinds of hats, mostly made up of leather or fur, for instance, Papakha is a hat that men across the Caucasus wear. Also, Chokha is a long top cover those men in Azerbaijan wear. In the end, a satin is another component of Azerbaijani traditional clothes for men.

This course lasts for 6 weeks, an hour-long session per week so that you have enough time to practice what you’ve learned in the class. Also, a summary of the session will be shared on our website for you so you can overview what you were taught. Actually, we think attending a class without rehearsing and getting corrected is worth nothing and that’s why we made it possible for you to send your practices to us and eventually, you will know your mistakes. Then, you can work on them and gradually fade them away.

Now, let’s talk about what you specifically learn in this course. Since it’s an Azeri dance course you will learn the general Azeri dance’s hand, leg and body movements and basics along with the proper posture in the sequence of the rhythm and music. In addition, regardless of your gender, you will be taught both men’s and women’s dances, obviously, you can ignore the part you are not interested in. Another point is that if you don’t exercise on a regular basis, your body probably is not ready to attempt professional movements. As a result, we adjusted multiple levels for different students. Once you finish a level, that means your body is ready to do the next level’s movements. And finally, we would like to say that classes are held in both studio and online so people from across the world can join us.

Dance increases the need for blood in the organs and muscles, as a result the heart rate increases strongly while you dance. Increasing the heart rate accelerates and facilitates blood circulation in all muscles and organs, this means in addition to the movement of tissues, more blood reaches other organs such
as the heart, lungs, kidney…. This situation improves the function of these organs.

By knowing a little about dance’s advantages let’s specifically focus on Azeri dances, probably now that you have some information about Azeri dances, you might realize that you need to move, twirl, and jump to perform these dances properly. That means while you’re dancing, somehow you are working out so on a loose definition, we can say, dance is one kind of sport. Thus, according to what we said in previous lines, we can list different groups of individuals who this course is suitable for them:

· People who are interested in Azeri dance and culture or any other dance styles
· If someone likes to shape their body.
· People who like to feel better spiritually and mentally.
· Groups of men and women who intend to work on their body strength.
· Dance-lovers who like to perform in parties or big events
· Moms who need to take an hour break from their busy life.

In the end, attending this class could be suitable for a wide range of people. If you think that you belong to any of the previous groups, this course is for you.