If you’re looking for something special for your event in Toronto and surrounding regions, look no further.

Our talented team of dancers at Anooheh Dance are creative professionals with years of experience. Their artistic performances, dance demonstrations, or customized workshops can bring entertainment, excitement, and fun to your event.

Why should you book a dance group? 

Good events are those that guests enjoy, in other words, the more fun your guests have, the more memorable your events will be. Having a professional dance group is certainly one of the most significant ways to turn a boring party into an exciting one. We can bring excitement and energy to your parties and events, based on the event, we will come up with a dance that is unique to your event and perform it for you. With the presence of a creative dance troupe at your events, you and your guests will be amazed and can’t forget it.

We offer a variety of Persian, Azerbaijani, and Sama dance services and work closely with you to meet your event needs at:

  • Festivals,
  • Galas,
  • Charitable Events,
  • Holiday Parties,
  • Wedding Choreography & Performances,
  • Corporate Workshops and Team Building,
  • School Workshops,
  • Themed Parties,

Tips you should keep in mind 

There are some tips you should keep in mind as you’re booking a dance team for your events:

  • First of all, you need to know what type of dance is suitable for your event, for instance, if you have a party in which adults make up the majority of guests, choosing a dance that is full of moves may bore them and make them not have fun. 
  • If you want a perfect choreography and performance, don’t procrastinate and book it now so we have enough time to design and perform the dance great. 
  • The floor on which the dancers have to perform is important. 
  • The extent of the area should be considered according to the dance. 

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