Discovering the mesmerizing world of High Heels Dance with amazing Nika

Elevate your dance experience with the grace and glamour of High Heels Dance at our studio. Our High Heels Dance classes are designed to empower individuals of all levels, providing a platform to embrace their inner confidence and elegance. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or stepping into heels for the first time, our talented instructors will guide you through a journey of rhythm, poise, and sensuality. Discover the art of strutting, twirling, and expressing yourself with flair while building strength and flexibility. Join us and let your passion for dance soar to new heights as you command the stage in style and sophistication. Unleash your inner diva, feel the music, and conquer the world one step at a time.

Join us for an unforgettable dance experience that will awaken your creativity and unlock your potential.

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How can I join your classes?

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(Six Sessions $170)

Make the most of our classes by attending in-person, exercising with happy people around you, and forgetting the outside world!

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Living anywhere around the world? Still can join us via Zoom, receive the support, and feel the joy.

Pay as you attend (One Session $30)

If you cannot commit for the whole semester, turn up at any online or in-studio session and just have fun!

Group High Heels Dance Class

High Heels Dance
All levels


7:00 to 8:00 pm

Jan 12 to Feb 16

In Studio

6 sessions

On Zoom

6 sessions


8 sessions

– If you register for the full course but want to leave us for any reason up to 24 hours after the first session, you can get a full refund.
– If we do not meet the minimum registration capacity for each class, we will reschedule the class’s start date. We also offer to refund the full amount or keep the amount you paid as a credit for your next class registration.
– All session times are in the Toronto time zone (Eastern Standard/Daylight Time) and prices are in Canadian dollars.

Experience the Joy of High Heels Dance with Nika

We are thrilled to introduce Nika Behjati, a highly accomplished dancer and instructor with over eight years of experience transforming lives through her classes. 

My name is Nika Behjati.
I am a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, official member of the International Dance Council(CID), and founder of Nika Dance Institute.

I started my dance journey when I was 7. I learned Classical Ballet, hip-hop, and Contemporary as my main styles. Also, I participated in different dance camps and workshops in Turkey.
So I decided to share my knowledge and experience with other dance lovers.
Since 2015 till now, I have held different dance classes in more than 20 gyms and studios in Iran. I taught hip-hop ballet and contemporary to hundreds of girls.
Besides, I collaborated with the theaters as a choreographer.  The most important one was the Carthage Tragedy which was the first Opera in the history of Khorasan after the revolution of Iran. 
In addition, I make dance films. And fortunately, my last dance film was selected in the top 5 movies at the Lightmoves Festival of Ireland.
I feel honored that last year my dance institute and I were certified by the International Dance Council.
Another field of my activities is fitness and body flexibility. I got my physical fitness coaching certificate in Iran.  And I held different fitness and body flexibility classes focused on the needs of dancers.

High heels dance offers numerous benefits beyond simply learning to dance in high-heeled shoes. Here are some of the advantages of participating in high heels dance:

Dancing in high heels can significantly enhance one’s self-confidence. Learning to move gracefully and confidently in heels can have a positive impact on a person’s self-esteem and self-assuredness.

Dancing in high heels requires enhanced balance and posture. Practicing high heels dance can help participants develop better core strength, balance, and an improved posture.

High heels dance often involves various movements that require strength and flexibility. Over time, participants can build muscle strength and increase their overall flexibility.

High heels dance often emphasizes sensuality and self-expression. It allows participants to explore and celebrate their sensuality, enabling them to express themselves more freely through dance.

High heels dance encourages body awareness and control. Dancers learn to connect with their bodies, control their movements, and express themselves through dance.

Overall, high heels dance is not only a unique and glamorous form of dance but also a rewarding experience that can have a positive impact on one’s physical and mental well-being. It encourages self-expression, self-assuredness, and a sense of empowerment while promoting fitness and creativity.